Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fool me once...

two years ago, this halloween was the first time my husband and i separated. i found out he was sleeping around via myspace. yes, myspace. he had been acting kind of sketchy so, i decided to take a look through my history on my computer (a woman's intuition can be a wonderful thing). and there she was. the wanna be transvestite named stephanie. she was large in both height and size and had the face of a man trying to be a woman. he was having an affair. there it was in black and white or rather, rgb. when i confronted him, he didn't even try to lie. he told me he would not be coming home that night and he was leaving me for her because (and i quote), "i deserved someone better". i got to packin'. all of his stuff that is. trashbags, boxes, suitcases, whatever i could find, i shoved full of his stuff. everything that was his or reminded me of him was out the door and sitting in the garage by the time he came home that next morning. he moved back to atlanta shortly there after. and after being there less than he week he decided he would rather kill himself then to be without me. after much talking and debating both with him and myself, i decided to give it another try. just call me, "dumb dumb".


  1. Oh, sweetie! I'm reading this...and I'm all ready to give you all the great reasons for having "dumped the chump"...and you throw in a surprise ending.

    Is he sorry? I mean....really, REALLY I'll-never-ever-do-anything-this-pitifully-stupid-again-in-my-whole-life kinda sorry? He'd better be. Grrrrrr.
    PS: You write well, honey.

  2. oh kathryn! that's nothing. stayed tuned...