Tuesday, October 13, 2009

and here's the fun part...

i move in with my parents, plan a girls trip and suddenly, the cyst has now turned into a tumor. a major brain tumor. and he is going to duke hospital by himself to have experimental surgery that only one person has lived through.

now, knowing the lying past the husband has, i question and question and question him on this. first of all, he tells me its a female neurosurgeon doing the surgery, it will only take a few hours and he will be fine to drive to and from by himself. he doesn't want me, my family, his family, friends, etc... to go with him in support. he says he is staying at a place that takes dogs so our dog will be going with him. i smell something a little fishy. so i immediately do research on neurosurgeon's at duke. find one. and he is male. the only female caner specialist that is there is a woman who specializes in breast cancer. i ask my friend (who is going on the girls trip) to stop by my house and pick up a book for me. when she does, the husband is totally wacked out of his mind. pacing around, smoking, scratching/playing with his balls (these are the things he does when high on prescription pills, along with falling asleep face first into a bowl of cereal). she can barely keep up with him. he starts explaining to her, with a tennis ball, how the surgery is going to go down. he rips apart the tennis ball like the incredible hulk. all the time pacing, smoking, scratching and playing. she knows he is suspect and she knows he is high on pills at this point. she goes in to get the book and notices a scrap sheet of paper on the counter top with the name, "emerald point" and a telephone number scratched down. my friend ask him if he is going to a water park because apparently she and her family would spend summers at a water park named, "emerald point" in north carolina. he tells her that is the name of his hotel near duke. can you say dumbass (him, not me)?

fast forward to leaving for my girls trip that afternoon. when my friends come to pick me up, we discuss everything going on and we all agree he is total suspect at this point and something else must be going down. i will never reveal how i got the information or where i got it from but, i made a few phone calls and we were gps'ing him "on his way to duke". which hang on, gottta take a pause to laugh right here, right now... lmao!!!!

we arrive at our hotel and i am able to go online and view where the gps has tracked him. buford, georgia. no where near duke but, right next to stephanie the tranny. he texts me and tells me he made it to duke and is going into surgery shortly, blah, blah, blah. two hours later, i get a text. it's a freakin' miracle. he made it out of surgery and is doing just fine. he will be able to come back home the following day and he could have never made it through without me and my family and all of our support. i let him live this lie until i had all proof in front of me that he waws in deed lying. the proof, phone records and the gps. he was not with stephanie the tranny. instead he was with kelly lee and her friend. if you will remember, kelly lee was the only fb friend "ray ray jones" had. i called her, confronted her because i knew she had nothing to hide. found out he may or may not have slept with her but did indeed sleep with her friend. i called him, he didn't answer of course, made him get out of the house immediately and filed to move the divorce forward.

so now here i am, at the young age of 30, starting my life all over again. this is what my blog will tell. how life and love go from here on out!


  1. OMG. What an unbelievable story. I am SO GLAD you are OUT.


    He is indescribably sick....(well, I could describe him rather well, but my son may look over my shoulder at any moment) and you cannot get far enough away from the likes of him. Is the divorce final? Are you still in the throes of it? Don't argue about the gravy boat...just get it over asap. You've got your whole life just waiting for you! Without the schmuck!

    Oh.....I'm hating this guy. He needs serious help.

  2. Divorce isn't final - yet! Will be soon though. The bad thing is everyone thinks I am making this up. I had a friend's boyfriend tell me the other night that if he didn't know me/us and this was the way things really did go down, he would have never believed me. When I tell people, their jaws drop and they just stare at me!

  3. shit. i am so sorry. but you know what? i am so glad he is so stupid and that he is such a terrible liar. if all suspect partners lied in this lame fashion, a LOT of relationships would end sooner!

    please hang in there. i know it is rough, but there has got to be a better man out there for you.

    i am 39 -- way older than you -- and my relationship of 4 years just ended. i am really struggling with it, and dreading the horrid dating scene and the thought of trying to find a new man, but someday i should be game to face it. and i bet you will be soon, too.

    fingers crossed that we both find a keeper. a really good one. :)

  4. WOW. You're right--life is NOT over at 30!

    I wanted to let you know, I'm giving you the One-Minute Writing of the Day award for the 10/13 prompt. (I'm behind on naming winners and wanted to make sure you didn't miss it.) Congrats!

    -C. Beth
    The One-Minute Writer